Faceless coward steals our house keys

Mum’s bag got stolen yesterday, quite literally a few metres from where we live at about 3pm, right in broad daylight, can you believe it?

Stranger approached from the back (faceless coward) and then attempted to get the bag. My mum wasn’t going to let go so easily…she fought him off for a bit, and that’s when he pushed her over to the ground. Obviously with all that shopping she lost the bag.

The bag had all her keys, notes and a diary with our home address. My sister was at home at the time, she called the police and they advised we get our locks changed asap, thankfully that was done in less than two hours.

One of those things you think will never happen to you but when it does you realise the reality we live in. There are many faceless cowards out there. Luckily my mum wasn’t hurt too much and we’ve moved on now…


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