Spotify is about to shake up the music business

I remember when Napster was out in 2000, I was at university in London and Napster spread like wildfire on campus. The “music industry” did not even know what had just hit them. To them it was a virus that spread at the speed of light.

They had to stop this beast immediately. I was contacted by IT admin at college who in turn had gotten an email from the BPI about a song I had downloaded via Napster, wow how had they done this? Scary stuff man! I felt victimised but a right rebel too at the same time. The download war had started and I was just one of many.. It was Atul Vs The Music Biz now 🙂

It was a total revolution for me as a music lover, I could now find and download the most obscure music possible, and I had pretty much any song I wanted on demand for FREE.

The music industry reacted in their own way to protect their monopoly and the top earning musicians felt threatened. Metallica fumed out and banned Napster users. Ironically they generated publicity from this and the end effect..more fans.

That time has come again now. Last week I was sent a link to spotify and on the email text my friend said “This is god’s”.

Between (internet radio) and spotify there is a massive challenge to the music industry as we know it. will let you type in an artist name and then stream similar artists to you.

Spotify on the other hand will let you listen to any song by any artist. It’s a live Napster, no downloads, no mess…instant songs on demand.

Watch out iTunes, you have big trouble coming up!

What is the new music business model then? Well I am a musician in a band, admittedly not making money out of my recorded music (yet) but I “get” the new shift in the music business and that is what I will be following…

What is the new business model then?..Andrew Dubber sums it up best in his post: Why give away music for free?

He quotes: “Make money *because of your music* not *from* your music”

So… you “get it”?

PS: Thanks for the visits to my last post in reply to Seth Godin 🙂


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