Innovators and Early Adopters

Today’s post is inspired by the new changes to Facebook.

I respect what Mark Zuckenburg does each time he changes Facebook. He doesen’t change the design slowly and subtly but he makes HUGE changes in one go, which are forced on everyone immediately.

And unsurprisingly almost everyone puts their hands up and complains! And this is millions and millions of people I am talking about here, young people who you would expect to adopt to change quickly.

The reason for this is extremely simple and is explained very clearly by Rogers Innovation adoption curve.

Check out that link and curve now!

Since most people are not naturally innovators (~2.5%) or early adopters (~13.5%) they struggle with the changes….

…at first. Infact there is a big difference between innovators and early adopters too:

Innovators lead and manage change, the rest follow, with early adopters being first in line.

This would also explain why I have so far been attracted to research and development type of roles. I tend to think like an innovator and like to drive changes and move with the times (so to speak).

It is often hard work fighting against a sea of people who want to live with the comfortable and status quo. But therein lies the challenge of course.

The challenge is that you are selling to the other side of the curve, so you need to understand the mindset of the other side too.

Which is where the Mark Zuckenbergs of the world have it spot on. They know the initial resistance they are going to get from the outset but also know how to manage the innovation and change.


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