My friend’s website: The marketing plan is working!

One of my best friends Kaps has recently got a regular slot on bbc asian radio network. I set up his website recently, which is what this post is about, i.e my marketing plan and webdesign skills 🙂

With a client

With a client

He is a personal trainer and has been doing this for many years and eventually he formed his own style of martial arts training called Sho-Nav Kan. In doing this he achieved his dream and I set up a website for him based on some black and white photos of him in his martial arts gear. It was a basic brochure type of website…it didn’t do that well in terms of hits and attention..

As a regular radio caller on the BBC asian radio network, he one day just got asked to be an expert on that and got called up to give an radio interview, this is BBC radio…RESULT!

I asked him to direct people to his website to see how many listeners would do that after his show..and there were many people interested in what he had to say and were actually going to his site!

Right, so we now had to come up with a marketing plan and strategy..and so I totally revamped his website, he got some new photos that were more personal training based and I asked him to formalise his goals. Based on that I got him to write a free e-book that he gives away when someone signs on to his mailing list. And the plan is working like a dream..he’s written his life’s best thoughts and people are reading it!

With two rowers

With two rowers

Check out his website for yourself and sign-up to read the e-book.

No personal trainer uses this type of marketing in London, yet this is the is Seth Godin’s permission marketing in true action.


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