Web Design: Decide goals, then your process. And be congruent

This one is more of a continuation of my last thread but more in perspective from what I read in Seth Godin’s blog today.

This is how you get a quality free e-book

This is how you get a quality free e-book

The personal trainer website I built for my friend actually only really had one main purpose, it was simply to build my friend’s mailing list.

And traffic for that mailing list is generated each time he announces his website and free e-book at the end of his radio interview. There is of course a smaller purpose for him to find clients through the site as well.

The whole website was designed as part of an overall process rather than a brochure as such. This is why his last website had to be totally re-vamped (it was incongruent with what he had to sell and was only a brochure).

The key thing now is that mailing list sign-up form on every page 🙂

Why would people want to go on to his mailing list? Because he has something of value to give for FREE. That would be his e-book, which is consistent with what he has to say on radio.

What he does as a living as a fitness instructor also had to come across in a natural and congruent way. So I asked him to get a good photographer at his work one day and shoot him “live”. He took some everyday natural shots of everyday natural clients doing what they do when he’s doing the personal training. No ripped abs professional shots and no supermodels on his website, well not yet 🙂 Just the simple and plain story of what he does.

Thanks Seth for your awesome insight and ideas!


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