Trip to Malaysia

My April and May rollercoaster

The rollercoaster continues…and what a roller coaster too! The last two weekends I was in Malaysia, the one before in North Yorkshire and the one that is coming up is a mixture of Sussex and Norfolk. And somewhere in between all that time I have been doing my full time job, I am in court for jury service, I have practiced *and* gigged with DonkeyBox and I have also tutored high schoolers and Uni kids. Never a dull moment in these awesome months 🙂

Ahhhh Langkawi in Malaysia

But more to the point now, I was in Malaysia for 7 days last week. It was an insane and somewhat crazy ride and of course everyone seemed bewildered that I only went for a week! I went to meet an old friend of mine in Malaysia so it was primarily a social visit, but it turned out to be quite a tourist trip and I really enjoyed it. I also got the chance to fly on the world’s biggest aircraft, the new Airbus A380-400 as Singapore Airlines are one of the first to be flying these now. The inner geek in me was happy.

We started off in Penang where my friend lives and swiftly concluded that we should head to the gorgeous island of Langkawi. Thailand was a bit out of question becasue of the recent troubles there. So still pretty heavily jetlagged I headed off on the ferry to Langkawi.

We ended up staying in Langkawi the longest, and hooked up with random travellers, locals (it helps that my friend is Malaysian) and anyone else we could find. The beach life there was amazing, very relaxed as you would expect and there were plenty of tourists who were absolutely hooked to Malaysia and Thailand. In fact I was truly the odd one out. Most people I know had been travelling in the area for at least a month. Some had just moved there, some were out for as long as 16 months! I met Malaysians, Swedes (loads infact, I don’t blame them for escaping from the Nordic cold), Americans, Brits, Germans and more.

The best moments were the beach barbeque party with the local beach guys and loads of guitar jams both in the daytime and evening parties. There’s a short clip on this blog aritcle on one of the many legendary guitar jams. The video also shows how truly the gorgeous landscape we were jamming in 🙂 I also found it somewhat ironic that we played Radiohead’s Creep so many times. Radiohead write songs on alienation in modern (western society) and it said something about the situation….

But now that I have had a taste of the gorgeous South East Asia, I will be returning there on my own for a much longer and elaborate tour at some point, don’t know when and don’t know how, but I know that I’ll be leavin’ on a jetplane…watch this space kids.


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