Part of being in a band is to handle criticism and haters

Last week was an important week for the band. As you all know I like to take mini video clips during band rehearsals, I do that because it brings in the raw energy that the band has straight to to you! And it is great fun communicating in this new technology way.

Every now and then we get some flamers on youtube and I had been dealing with one comment last week. Initially because it was in another language I did not know what to make of it, so I naturally assumed it was a nice positive comment (being the positive thinker that I am). I passed it along to the whole band and then another comment followed in English that was negative and bought the band down (silence).

I have been doing this band stuff for years and I always expect this stuff. So sure enough I explained all this to my bandmates and we got on with it.

Then this week I got a great positive comment on another youtube vid. It was really great and acknowledged the “perfection in imperfection”.

Part of being in a band (or doing anything creative open to public criticism) is knowing that you will have:

  • People who love what you do
  • People who hate what you do
  • Everyone in between

I expect these sort of positive and negative comments to keep coming. I prefer the first two type of people to be really honest, the third are indifferent enough not to get involved.

So bring it ON!


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