The feeling after playing a gig

I remember it well as I was talking to Adam (our bass player of the time) later in the day and he said

I feel totally elated

This was of course the day after we had played a gig at Imperial College Union. And he described the feeling perfectly there!

Of all the feelings in the world, the feeling the day after having played a really great gig is unbeatable and it is the best feeling the world that I have. It is so satisfying to do something that you truly truly love and have others take part in it and enjoy it too. When people are dancing and moshing and later come up to you and say which songs they enjoyed, it is the best thing that could ever happen to you.

It is these moments that a band lives for, all the hard work that a band does until that point is recognised, the practice sweat, organisation, hassling people to come (and most of them not coming in the end), rehearsals, sound checks, management, artwork etc etc become worth it.

Because at that time and place in the venue, someone else suddenly becomes a part of your reality and “sees” the way you saw the world in that song. The song becomes theirs and yours.

Long live that feeling and long live sonic art, this is after all why we do it in the first place 🙂


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