A sweet summer off

Well it has been a while since I updated my blog post here. It has also been over a month since I left full time work and decided to go freelance with my tutoring. It is time for an update…and what a summer I picked to have off too 🙂

Tutoring wise things are working out pretty well, despite the low summer season I still have some clients and it is great to keep the brain ticking and helping others along the way too of course.

Meeting up with Luca after 5 years

Meeting up with Luca after 5 years

The number 1 thing I have been working on is good health at the moment. I was really excited last week to have returned to my Kung-Fu class again after a break of over 4 years! My instructor and some other people still recognised me despite the years and I still remember many of the moves. I had a great surge of energy and I can’t believe I actually stopped doing martial arts. It is so good for you, balance, strength, agility, patience..it teaches you all these things.

I have also been going to the gym regularly to do some cardio work and after about 3 weeks at it I am feeling much more energetic overall.

And with the summer heatwave in full swing I have been catching up with old friends. In Luca’s case it has been over 5 years since I saw him last at Uni!

So, a great summer and at some point I will be heading off to Europe for some mini weekends out and meeting up with even more friends.


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