Freakonomics and The Undercover Economist

A couple of years ago I accidentally got into teaching Maths for Economics use. A year later I ended up at a company that deals with world Metals and Mining economics, while I was still tutoring.

So I found the whole subject quite fascinating.

I ended up reading The Undercover Economist. It is a very easy to read factual book that requires no previous understanding of Economics whatsoever and he explains things in a very nice, easy to understand language. He explains the concept of “externality charges” and how congestion charging in central London was a good way of dealing with externalities.

He also discusses:

  • How the London green belt means you are paying loads for rent and mortgage
  • Why the poorest countries remain poor
  • How the cost of a life is calculated by the NHS

..and many other things. I would highly recommend you read this book!

The other great book I read recently was Freakonomics. This book discusses things like

  • Why drug dealers live with their mums
  • How teachers in some schools cheated to get their school ratings high and how this got caught
  • How a lowering in crime rate was explained by an effect from 2 decades earlier

So yeah, go and have a read at both books and connect to your inner economics geek, I know I did 🙂


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