I love every gig

Live Rock

Live Rock

Many people ask me the natural question on how the gig with my band went? I am not really sure on how to describe it.. Sure, within the band we discuss the energy we had, technical aspects of the set and any other things that we were really excited about.

Perhaps it is hard to describe the fact that this is the moment that it all boils down to; rehearsals, arranging things with other bands and the venue, email marketing campaigns and a million other logistical things. Our concentration and focus on stage is something that is impossible to describe to someone who doesn’t perform or do sports etc.,

I love playing every gig as each performance is unique and special in that way. To me it doesn’t matter if there are 2 people at a gig or 200 people. I totally respect the 2 people who have actually made it to that gig and that performance is totally for them!

I would even look forward to a gig with no one in it.

There is so much to learn and pick up even with just that! How to cope with on stage monitors, getting a sweet sound, being on stage..moving around. There are just loads and loads of things that are useful just when you get on to stage.

And historically we’ve had some great gigs where there were just a handful of people. It was those handful that talked to us and gave us many opportunities and ideas.

So every gig is special, truly special. Before I am even on stage I know that the gig is going to be great and I make sure it will be great with lots of positive energy 🙂

My answer to how the gig went will pretty much always be the same. That it was a truly incredible gig.


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