Touring and Tutoring in North England

DonkeyBox gig Rochdale

DonkeyBox gig Rochdale

Last Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of travelling to the North of England for a DonkeyBox gig, it was the first time the band has ever hit the road and I was very excited to say the least, in fact the buzz from that night’s gig is still going on.

It was truly an amazing gig in a great backdrop.

The gig was in Rochdale, which as its name suggests is well, by a dale. In fact near Manchester and has some pretty windmills amongst the hills. After the gig I headed off to do my residential tutoring further North as if this wasn’t enough!

On the way I stopped over at Leeds and had a look at the Sunday Christmas market, there is something warm about the spirit of Leeds, you can just sense it there. It is also known as a great student party time maybe that’s why 🙂

I then went to Harrogate, a picturesque town in Yorkshire and eventually ended up at my final destination in the Yorkshire dales. I was there for another 4 days and was lucky enough to see the first snowfall on the hills, which I must say was absolutely gorgeous.

Fresh snow on the Yorkshire dales

Snow on the dales

In fact it was snowing more intensely on my final night there and I almost didn’t make the train back down south due to the adverse snow. But here I am now back in London so it all worked out.

Two nights before I started my tour north I met some of my old work friends from Tribology at a Christmas social party. Some still wondering exactly what I do now for a living and what am I doing now that I have quit a 9-5 job.

Well, the answer is obvious really, touring the country with my band and helping students out at the same time, both things that I thoroughly enjoy. What could be better than that?


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