So what have I been up to? Well, quite a few random bunch of things so I thought I’d just make a snippets post item here on my blog.

Tutoring and Mysteries of the Universe

So what is 1 divided by 0 and why is 1 divided by a fraction actually a bigger number? Challenging and fundamental questions asked by my students on Maths and no real easy way of answering them really. Or at least in a way that can make sense and be justified to primary school kids! Yup, it finally happened, despite resisting tutoring primary school Maths for 3 years I am now doing a tiny bit of tutoring at that level too.

New things in tutoring have also included tutoring at an actual school, which has been refreshing as well. So after many years being away from High School it was quite nostalgic being back there in some ways.


I don’t know how it happened and when it happened but the band seemed to drift into nothing for the last 3 months. The idea was that we were going to go into demo recording mode. In reality nothing at all happened and we even stopped rehearsing. So I decided to revive our regular Wed evening practices and booked us a gig.

Playing a gig is and always will be truly an amazing experience, despite being in bed two days in a row before the actual night of the gig, when I was on stage it was a great moment again and the whole thing came together well spectacularly 🙂

Spring has sprung

Thank god that bitter feeling of cold is no longer there as much when I get out of the door. It has been a harsh, cold winter in the UK and it is great to see it ending now. Also I am really lucky to be able to tutor up in North Yorkshire and get to see Spring spring up in the country (new lambs around, great green scenery and all that stuff).

Acoustic Guitar Stuff

I’ve also been doing some acoustic guitar practice with an old friend of mine. Just having fun and doing some covers. Here’s us messing around with one cover and getting it pretty wrong, I thought the take was hilarious and funny so here it is 🙂


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