DonkeyBox online PR and web 2.0 magic

So I went to a social media/cyber band PR talk yesterday that was given by Ariel Hyatt, someone who runs an online PR firm and has represented over 1500 musicians over the last 14 years.

And this is the cutting edge of social media marketing stuff in music..

During the break she asked people to put their band cards into a random pile and said she would select a few and review them during the second half of the talk. I gave her our moo card. She looked at it and said this is the perfect example of a short, clear pitch…this was looking great already 🙂

So she picked some random bands and went through their websites in the second half of the talk, she critiqued the problems some of them had..i.e too much text, no clear text, no clear indication of genre, no videos, no clear mailing list sign up etc..

Ariel and Atul at PRS House London

Ariel and Atul at PRS House London

She was being very helpful of course as there were so many valuable things to be learnt from each site’s credentials and she was kind in her help.

..then the moment came, was typed in on the presentation screen and I was nervous man, very nervous.

ah man b*lls, what if we are going to get battered now? she’ll be battering us in a hall of about a 100 people, yiiiikes!

But she demonstrated to the whole room how our pitch was short, to the point and perfect. Our genre like bands were clearly obvious, we were on all the major social networks, we had a sign up form….and had a blog that actually asked for help from our fanbase. She asked me if it worked and I mentioned how I am meeting people because of this everytime, voila!

She then pressed play on the video link and our video started up in a hall full of people…the opening of Crap Day with the 4 of us looking into the camera surprised when the song opens.

Once again, just perfection…to the point and within 5 seconds the video said all it had to about the band. It was instant and it was captivating.

…this time we were looking into a big room of people and the room chuckled at the song 😉

So yeah, what can I say? really glad about that and all these years of hard work seemed to pay of in that one moment.

I know that there are plenty more of these moments to come and when they do, just like this time I will be ready.


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