End of Tutoring Season and Metaltown 2010

Phew! It was quite a gruelling tutoring season this year. I’ve ventured into the world of dyscalculia deep and I’ve had more a range of students this year than any. I’ve learnt loads through this and discovered a whole new world of teaching. And equally the work has been more rewarding than any other year.

But I am getting ahead of myself as only the common entrance students have had their results so far, which I am glad to say have been success stories and both parents and students are so happy about that 🙂

So I ended the tutoring season by visiting old time friend and bandmate Adam in Sweden. We went specifically to a metal festival there. My original plan was to go to Download Festival 2010 in Donnington but due to tutoring I didn’t make that. So I found an even better alternative..to travel across and do a festival abroad, bring it on Metaltown 2010. A festival abroad is something I’ve always wanted to do.

Metal Town Fun

At Metaltown with Adam and Anders

We had some sunny days and a great atmosphere in Metaltown. Highlights have to be the immense energy of the Hatebreed concert and also the pure theatre that Rammstein delivered as headline act. And then there was all that pirate stuff yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargggghhh. Ok enough of that then already!

I leave you with a collection of video clips from my phone that I have edited here into one video, no soundtrack added, it is just as it was…pure and organic..and not for the faint hearted I must add 😉


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