Sweet Summer off – Take 2

10 years ago I had just started my PhD and was having one of the best summers ever!

5 years ago I had just finished my PhD and was having yet another amazing summer travelling around the world.

This year the UK summer weather has been exceptionally good and thank god I am not working it away indoors in an office! And so just like my sweet summer off last year this one is actually an improvement 🙂

The Band is Back in Town!

DonkeyBox has been on a rocky practice road over the last few months but lately with all 4 of us being in London, we got the baby back on the road. The result…our first gig in 4 months last Friday the 16th of July. Once again, it was blinding in all ways and I got a real surprise visit from friends I haven’t seen in 11 years!

Wimbledon Tennis

This must have been the only year for quite a while where it hasn’t rained at Wimbledon for all two weeks. This was my fifth visit to Wimbledon and the most eventful for sure! I saw world famous batsmen Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara having lunch together at the VIP area. And for the first time I even got a late Centre Court ticket..Andy Murray was playing and at the atmosphere in there cannot be described…absolutely electric..and then some! Even the security staff were cheering him on. What a great feeling….while it lasted anyway.

Centre Court Wimbledon

Centre Court Rocks!

BBC Production Studios

And the glamour does not stop here…I actually went backstage at a BBC live show on the Asian Radio Network where my good friend does a regular monthly slot. They were a really cool bunch running the show and it was real teamwork and communication but in a fun sort of way. And I even met the DJ dude who was taking care of the show, who I will try and convince to come to a DonkeyBox gig soon enough. Watch this space 🙂


1 Response to “Sweet Summer off – Take 2”

  1. 1 Jess July 27, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    when you enter debaser’s webpage;

    how to contact someone about the gig;


    If you want Debasers concert staff (couldn’t find a good word for it) to listen to your music, you’re able to send a record to one or both addresses below (Stockholm and/or Malmö). You can also send an e-mail from the e-mail form below with your Myspace-URL and contact information.

    so, I hope you understood 🙂

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