Ahh September Ends and October Starts

I really love this period in the year. It is probably one of my most favourite times in the entire year.

And that is because of so many reasons, for starters my birthday is at the end of September. Also for my 10 years at University and the years before that, it was just the right time when a new academic year at school/uni started.

So to me this period signifies a new beginning. In fact this is really the new year for me!

Since I was quite pro-active at university, this was the time of the huge build up for the student union. Months of planning in the summer was about to come into reality as the newbies hit university in their masses. Each year also represented a new cycle of recruitment to a new club. And of all the clubs hockey and live music were the one I enjoyed most for this time of year.

Being the drinking and social hockey team of the University we had an enormous turnover of players every year. We literally survived on getting a new intake every year but we always ended up with a great new group. And the legacy of our team has gone on until this day..

But also it is just a great time of year for me to start new activities. At university I never stopped learning. One year I took up Spanish classes, one year swimming lessons. One year I joined the hockey club and simultaneously joined a choir too! With all these new things I grew and developed more as an individual.

So, this is the time to start new things and then stick to them if you really like them. I am still learning new things and will do so forever. Thanks to this time of the year my interest in doing new stuff just keeps getting renewed.

And that my friends is an awesome feeling 🙂


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