Tutoring, Travelling and solo Acoustics

Last night I was heading down from my final stint of tutoring in North Yorkshire and back to London, and I came across this quote while reading.

For some people their backyard is their world and for others, the world is their backyard

And you know how much I love my quotes! So I found this one quite inspirational, especially given that I was already travelling and after a few hours in London I am about to fly off to my birth city New Delhi (I should be packing actually!).

It struck me how much I had learnt through travelling in Yorkshire and other parts of the country while tutoring at the same time. Meeting so many people and children through tutoring has been invaluable and it has been incredible to be part of so many peoples lives and experience it as a member of their family.

It also made me realise how fortunate I have been in my life to travel so much and also to experience other cultures. As a diplomatic child I had already lived in Yemen, Kenya, Libya, India and the UK before my 16th birthday. And then even in the UK, I later on lived in London, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Bedford while still in my teen years. I had amassed a lot of cultural, invaluable experience.

Which is why I continue that experience as much as possible within practicality. It is only when you travel outside your comfort zone and meet others that you grow and learn. So I do love every part of my new found job 🙂

Going it alone – Solo Acoustic Guitar

And another important part of my life is making music and performing as a rock musician. This has taken a serious hit this year due to a number of reasons. Perhaps, primarily because of me and the bandmates growing older and with work and more responsibilities it has been harder to find a mutual time to get 4 men into a room to rehearse and gig. It is actually painful at this point to see the live gigging regress to a state that it was in 2002, our first year of formation.

There’s not much I could do this about it single handedly at this moment in time so I decided to be proactive and use it as an opportunity instead. So I just went ahead and got my on stage experience by picking up a guitar and hitting some open mic nights in London! It has been a really cool and liberating experience to say the least and I am very happy to have set up the Rock Bands in London group to help me with this two years ago. I will write more about this in a dedicated and separate post 🙂


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