Snow and Snippets

So it has been almost two weeks since I returned from my trip to India. While there I was explaining to my friends and family how life was in the West, on my return I was doing the reverse and trying to explain my vivid experiences in the Indian countryside and the immense cultural differences.

The first few days of the return are pretty incredible in terms of contrast. And this year I’ve certainly had that in terms of weather! From a day temperature of around 25 Celsius in Delhi, I went to a day temperature of 0 Celsius on my tutoring trip to North Yorkshire. And it has been really great to see some snow on my return. The snow brightens the place up and despite the inconvenience it has caused, it is certainly fun to play with and absolutely magical to look at 🙂

So to show the contrast, I have a little picture here. The one on top taken in Ayodhya, India..the birthplace of one of the mythical gods in Hinduism, Lord Rama. The bottom shot is at a catholic abbey in North Yorkshire, clearly showing the cross.

Holy Places in India and the UK

Holy Places in India and the UK

Rock and Weddings

Other stuff I have been busy with is to plan a trip for a wedding to Italy, which is in about two weeks time. But the one thing that has kept me busy is good old DonkeyBox. On my return we knew we had a big gig coming up on 4th December and we had booked 5 rehearsals in the space of one and a half weeks. This is about 5 times harder than our normal workload, but it has been just incredible fun. We’ve even invited a guest guitarist for the gig and I had a close friend watching our rehearsal.

So, one moment I was in the warmth of India, the next in the serene calm and white snow of Yorkshire, then London, now on a rock trip to Rochdale, then a wedding in Italy and then back in London and then….ok, ok, enough of that!

See you wherever I see you 🙂


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