#YearInReview What I shipped in 2010

I was originally going to do a year in review of how things went for me in 2010 but after reading Seth Godin’s blog on the very same topic, I decided to go for his format and mention instead the things I shipped.

I like to think of “shipping” as the completion of an idea, project etc., to the point where I was able to put a stamp on the envelope and eventually ship it out. Packing the idea up but not shipping it doesen’t count then, and I had a few of those alright. But anyway, here’s my list of things I shipped in 2010, quite a few which you can find in my blog posts throughout this year.

  • Posted 15 blog articles on my personal blog
  • Applied for British Nationality and my new passport, I had procrastinated on this a lot
  • Started and expanded meet-ups for my Rock Bands in London group; meeting some really cool musicians, promoters, photographers and more. Best achievement of the year
  • Expanded my tutoring range more than ever, including tutoring children at primary school level and also with special needs like dyslexia, dyspraxia etc., It wasn’t easy but it has made me a much much better tutor
  • Went to a rock festival out of the UK (Sweden), I always wanted to do this and this was the year for it!
  • Went backstage at BBC Radio studios, met a DJ and production team
  • Actually performed all alone at an open mic night, after thinking about this for years..I finally went ahead and did this!
  • Made lots of new friends on twitter, maybe you right? 🙂
  • Met Ariel Hyatt at her London semiar
  • Posted the band’s CD to Peru, Brazil, Sweden, Japan, USA, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Scotland and more
  • Revived my rock clubbing outings in London
  • Started weight training at the gym

As I spent more than a quarter of the year in North Yorkshire, I will remember this as the year I spent there helping students achieve their best and discovering so many different parts of this beautiful county. I also travelled to Sweden, Italy and India, all very memorable trips and helping me learn more about the world.

Naturally there are also things that I didn’t ship that I wanted to ship this year. Many of those things are work in progress and I should have shipped them out by now but I just ran out of steam or/and motivation.  Also there are things I realised that weren’t worth pursuing and I ditched them, I said no to the people I had to too. So this is just a good point in the year to look back on 12 months of activities and achievements.

See you on the other side my friend, bring it on 2011!


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