Social Media and The Box

Check out @donkeybox – perfect example of a forward-thinking band that embraces social media and uses it to build up a tight-knit fan base

I saw this on the band tweet and was well glad to see this, so at least I am doing something right 🙂

So on this blog I occasionally write things from my point of view on behalf of my band DonkeyBox and this is one of those posts. It’s pretty hard work doing all the social media stuff for the band and in fact a lot of musicians find this aspect overwhelming. Also on the surface it does not seem to produce any results. As far as I can see there aren’t many new people turning up to every gig and sales of our songs on iTunes haven’t actually increased.

Did I just say sales? Actually although I can’t prove it as such, sales of our EP Backstage Pass must be in large part to our good online presence combined with great gigs and engagement. Even in these hard days of selling music, we’ve done it.

We have met odd people through social media as well, a few have even turned up to gigs or rehearsals. And these people don’t even live in London or indeed even in the UK! They visited us while on holiday here and that is pretty cool.

Here’s to making more new friends and fans. And I am so looking forward to meeting people for real who love the band’s music and support DonkeyBox. Exciting stuff and that’s what keeps me going with the social media effort.


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