Snippets – April 2011

Record Tutoring Away from London

Gosh it has been a crazy busy April this year. I have been away from home for most of the month travelling up and down the country. I have been busier this Easter tutoring than any other before, ever. And mostly away from London tutoring at different families. When I went up on my travels North I packed up clothing for 3 weeks and for all seasons as you really don’t know what you are going to get! Luckily I never needed my jumpers as the weather has been phenomenal.

And some of my tutoring views have been utterly specatacular, from the beach house in Soctland to the Dales in North Yorkshire and the country house in Leicestershire, I have seen some great places in great weather. Check out the beach house videoblog.

This much tutoring has taken it’s toll though and being away for so long has been quite tiring, so I will be cutting back on residential work for next year and focusing more on London again.

Royal Wedding and DonkeyBox

There’s such a great air of excitement in London today, which is of course the big Royal Wedding between William and Catherine Middleton. It is a national holiday in a run up to a long bank holiday. It is good to see a happy spirit and a sense of patriotism in the country as a whole. It is rare to have national holidays and patriotic celebrations here. There should be more of these really. Well, me and the family joined in by heading to Buckingham Palace! In all the other countries I lived at there are more regular national celebrations every year, and it definitely makes quite a difference to the overall mood of the country. We are a bit more solemn here for some reason.

With Family on Royal Wedding Day

One of the things being away from London for so long has been the toll it has taken on DonkeyBox. We were on such a great roll when I left towards the end of March and that roll has been broken. It’s not what I wanted and I am slightly disappointed but my commitment to my students is something I value so the band has taken a slight hit for a little while. We still haven’t recruited a bass player and haven’t gigged live since December 2010. I miss performing with the band and I miss the stage as well. I will do my best to get us back as soon as possible now that I am in London again.


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