India 2011 – Eid Holiday

India is a secular state and as Islam is the second most practised religion in India Eid is an official Bank Holiday. And today is that holiday.

Around 13% of India’s population is Muslim and 13% of 1.2 billion equates to it being the third largest Muslim nation in the world. This may come as a surprising fact but if you think about India’s most famous monument the Taj Mahal, it will be obvious that this is an Islamic design.

The Taj Mahal

My sister's photo of the Taj Mahal last year. Taken from the side.

Islam arrived in India in the 12th century and it’s mark in Delhi is very visible. A lot of Old Delhi has a strong Islamic feel to it and there are some of the world’s large mosques in India including the famous Jama Masjid. My mother grew up in an Islamic area of Delhi called Turkman gate. And later on as a family we also lived in Yemen and Libya.

Happy Eid from me, or Eid Mubarak!


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