A Shot at Performing as a Volunteer at the London Olympics 2012

So I missed blogging for all of March 2012. That’s not because there are not any exciting things going on. Exciting things there are really loads and loads going on for me (even if I do say so myself). The month of March 2012 has been an incredible roller coaster.

Part of the reason I don’t blog that often despite meaning to is because I write too much and tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to editing it down. That is against blogging advice that you should just write away when things come into your mind 🙂

Anyway, one of the most awesome things I did back at the end of February was to take part in a series of auditions to see if I was good enough to perform as a ceremony volunteer performer for the London Olympics in 2012 for the opening and closing ceremonies!

Needless to say I was excited beyond belief to take part in both these auditions. I still don’t know if I actually have the place or not. And I really didn’t want to mention this on my blog before I heard in case I jinx things. But I have been waiting so long for a response to know whether I am in or not that I have sort of given up now anyway. But to be fair they will tell me either way if I am in or not soon. That is what their second email says anyway.

If I get in, I am sure to make loads of time to take part in the ceremonies rehearsals 😀 The job is voluntary so I won’t be getting paid for it but the experience is truly once in a lifetime. The atmosphere at both auditions was really really electric and I met loads of enthusiastic Londoners.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me and hope that I get in. That way you might just see me amongst the 10,000 performers on that fateful opening ceremony day on TV. Hell yeah!


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