The Art of Eating Slowly

Eating is a pleasure, take your time, and enjoy every bite of your meal..

Everyone’s food had arrived but they had missed my order. But Enzo the enigmatic, passionate and somewhat eccentric owner of the restaurant re-assured me that the Italian way with food was indeed the right way.

I was at my band’s drummer’s birthday do and we were at an Italian restaurant Limoncello Trattoria. Luckily I was in full agreement with Enzo, I had told him not to rush with the food, for I’d rather it be well prepared and I usually take a long time eating my food anyway. And I’m almost certainly the last to finish a meal on a table of people so I am used to that idea 🙂

Eating Pilau Rice mmm

Yeah I love eating.

Eating really is a pleasure and it must be done with it’s own sweet time.

You simply cannot rush this.

The way I have looked at this is that, well food tastes good and you should enjoy it’s texture, flavour and aroma bite by bite. Also, we spend so much time working and everything else that we forget why we are doing all that in the first place! It is to live well and eat well.

Besides the many obvious health benefits to chewing food properly and helping your digestive system a bit there are so many other side benefits to eating slowly, like chatting a bit more with your family or friends, relaxing or just drifting into the now a bit more.

So next time you are eating, think about this and…

Slow it down a bit. Bon appetit.


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