How I Started My Band DonkeyBox 10 years ago

I had finally done it. It was October 2000 and I fulfilled the dream of my life by being in a band. The band was called Melodion and I was singer and rhythm guitarist. In March 2001 I played my first gig on stage. I was a nervous wreck for most of it, but I loved every moment of finally being able to play and sing on stage.

Atul playing guitar in 2000

Me playing guitar in 2000. Well before I’d been in any bands.

By early 2002 however, the band I was recruited to had now split up as the drummer had moved out of the country and the manager/lead guitarist was moving to Ireland soon. These sort of scenarios were to play out several times again, little did I know at the time.

So me and the bassist of the time seeked out a lead guitarist and a drummer. We got a reply from a duo who seemed to fit in exactly what we wanted musically and personnel wise. We weren’t dissapointed. We met up at the Imperial College rehearsal room on 9 March 2002.

Boom! DonkeyBox was formed.

After joining the band it turned out that I was actually running the band too. And that involved a whole myriad of things, which is an experience in itself to write about for another bunch of blog posts.

Running and being in DonkeyBox has been such an incredible experience, it has been one of the biggest constants in my life and one of the major driving and motivating forces to me. I have had some tough times and it has been there to rescue me from dark moments. And I’ve had some awesome times from it, in fact I love every gig as I blogged earlier.

So here’s to the next 10 years.


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