RIP Dad – The Sudden Loss That Was

A father is a man, with pictures in his pockets, where his money used to be

I saw this quote on my twitter timeline today and remembered the time when my dad showed me and my siblings the childhood photos of all 3 of us he kept with him. We were all so cute and adorable.

And although I didn’t realise it at the time as such, to him we were always those 3 little toddlers no matter how old we had become now.

I’ve never written about this before but as it is Father’s day and I saw that tweet this morning, a really strong memory of the aftermath of my dad’s death came to mind. Unfortunately in November 2005 he had died very suddenly after being taken ill due to a brain haemorrhage. It was a fatal one and once he was unconscious he never recovered.

My brother, me and my late dad in Budapest

My brother, me and my late dad in Budapest

And when I was finally given his belongings and clothing he had worn to get into hospital, I was given back his wallet as well. And true enough, in that wallet were still our photos. It’s a memory that will never leave me.


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