Tutoring Physics – Using What’s In The Room

Are you telling me this sound is being reflected from the table….”hello, hello hello..”…ohhh yeah it really is, how weird!

Instead of diving straight into the notes, he saw me playing around with the table lamp as I pointed it to the White wall. My Year 8 student must have thought I’d lost the plot as I seemed just to be playing around with a table lamp.

What I was doing was showing how reflection against a white wall works. And how the light actually reflects back better against a white surface than a darker surface. Then I told him that the same happens with sound. He started speaking to the table at close range, and I said his voice really was louder as it reflected back! He didn’t believe me, so I did the same, and then he said the quote that is posted above.

For me there is so much Science around us that I use everything in sight to demonstrate the concepts that I am about to discuss with students. It is just too boring to dive straight into a bunch of facts on a black and white piece of paper that just have to be eventually memorised.

So, Science is always practical first to me. Keeping that in mind, I want you to put your face against the table and speak to it. You will be surprised by the amount of sound that actually bounces back! If you don’t believe it, get your friend to hear it for you.


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