London 2012 Olympics – When London Won the Bid in 2005

The story of when and where I was when London won the Olympic 2012 bid is pretty exciting and I remember it with some distinct clarity. It was a hot afternoon on 6th July 2005 and I was in Valencia, Spain (and not in Barcelona as I say in the video) at the local police station reporting my lost passport. I really was in a distraught mood as I had no idea how I was going to get back to London without a passport in two days. As it happened there was a girl there as well who was British and she had lost her passport too, what a crazy co-incidence.

I heard some murmur in the background in Spanish and asked the police guy who was handling our lost passport case what it was all about. They all seemed disappointed, and the guy said that…

Madrid did not win the 2012 Olympics

And when I asked him who actually won it? he replied London. I was ecstatic! Me and the English girl celebrated (I even got her number 😉 ) and for one moment we totally forgot we had lost our passports. It was a very amusing moment as only two people in that entire police station were the happiest, and those two being victims of crime.

I love the little stories that life gives us sometimes. Two days later I flew back to London without a passport and it worked out well for me. Here’s a video I made in Leicester Square of the same story.


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