London Paralympics 2012 – My first medals ceremony!

I went to my very first Paralympic event, and that too on the opening day of the games. Thanks to DonkeyBox drummer Greg, who scored these tickets I was back being a spectator, and I even saw my first medals ceremony 🙂

Hanging out with Manderville

Holding an actual Parlympic torch next to Manderville.

I do have to admit though that I was unwise in not buying tickets to the Paralympics earlier. I totally underestimated how busy these games were going to be. So unlike the Olympics when I got hold of tickets as soon as they were available I didn’t do it for the Paralympics 😦

But there have been some last minute tickets, yay! Greg got me some for the 10m shoot final at the Royal Artillery Barracks. It was a greyish day and I got my photo taken next to Manderville while holding a real paralympic torch!

The final was phenomenal, there were a bunch of dudes, mostly on wheelchairs. And they had to shoot a target 10m away from them. This requires a hell of a lot of concentration and skill. The closer they are to the targets after a whole load of shots, the better they score.

The medal ceremony was amazing. The armed forces carried the flags and hoisted them up. They marched in unison and in respect of the countries flags, with some authority and poise. The flags were raised with the national anthem of South Korea. But before that the medals were given to the sound of happy music blaring from the speakers, all the three medal winners were really happy. And a lady in a wheelchair, who is presumably quite senior awarded the medals. This was an awesome touch. So I present to you two videos then.

A rally of everyone taking a shot

The gold medal is awarded

The South Korean flag is raised


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