London Paralympics 2012 – Opening Ceremony

So you didn’t really think I was gone when the Olympics ended?

Hell no! The Olympics haven’t ended at all. We had a short lull period and now the Olympic volunteers are back all over Stratford. I pass by that station every day so I see the buzz first hand 🙂

I was really really blown away by the Paralympic opening ceremony. I saw it on TV as soon as I got back from North Yorkshire on a tutoring trip. The stadium is just a gorgeous light show machine. And with a less busy ceremony than the actual London Olympics ceremony this one was easier to absorb. It was also so good to see the athletes who have come down from all over the world and overcoming their disability. You could sense an authentic sense of pure happiness and recognition from the athletes.

But what really blew me away was when Stephen Hawking came on. He must surely be the epitome of what the human mind can achieve despite the body’s physical limitations. How inspiring! The Big Bang theme was amazing and so was all The Tempest stuff. I was so proud to be part of a country now where all these things have come from, and for all the optimists that are making this the biggest Paralympics ever.

I could ramble on more, but I leave you with this short video clip. Yes! My Olympic videoblogging continues 🙂


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