London Paralympics 2012 – Sitting Volleyball etc.,

So I was back at London’s Excel centre. And this time I got lucky! I had an evening pass to watch three different Paralympic sports. I was there with my whole family this time as we scored some last minute tickets. I had my mother, brother and sister with me.

We saw Wheelchair fencing, both ladies and men’s matches for the gold medal. That was pretty cool, really skilful high pressure sport.

Then it was Powerlifting. Phenomenal stuff! A lot of the guys had lower limbs missing so they were doing the weights while lying down on their backs, kinda like a benchpress. Once again, so so so inspirational.

And then we saw ladies sitting Volleyball. We got seats right next to the action, wohoo! And the fact that these ladies were limited to sitting down and playing added a whole new spice and dimension to the match.

Here’s a bunch of video clips to capture the evening. In the first one I got interrupted by some gameskmakers towards the end, (and an aeroplane). They didn’t realise I was videoblogging and offered to take a photo of me with my sister using my phone!

At the Excel Centre again

An actual rally in Ladies Sitting Volleyball
I love the funky music at the end of the rally 🙂

Videoblog from inside the arena during a Volleyball match


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