London Paralympics 2012 – Highlights and Final Thoughts

So I was down at the Olympic Park on the final day of the London Paralympics. We were blessed with gorgeous weather on that final day. I got lucky too as I scored some tickets to 7-a-side football. These Paralympics have inspired me forever, because I have seen people go out there and try and achieve their very best despite the physical or mental handicaps they may have.

It has been phenomenal to see this and also to see the incredible amount of positive emotions generated from these events. Before the Paralympics started I did not know what was in store or what to expect, but now I know the message of the Paralympics loud and clear. The message is simply that each one of us has a special gift and that we can all individually excel ourselves in whatever we choose to do. And while the Olympians spread this message by pushing their bodies to the limits, the Paralympians pushed this point out to us even further and clearer.

I share with you two final videos then. The first is from by the Cycling Veledrome and my favourite moments in the Paralympics and the second is literally outside the Olympic Stadium and my final inspirational thoughts on this.

And as both the Olympics and Paralympics come to an end, I will always remember these last few weeks in London as the most special moments I have seen and witnessed in my life. I was there.

My Highlights of the Paralympics

What the Paralympics have taught us


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