2012 – What a Year It Has Been

In my review last year I predicted 2012 to be a landmark year, and that it certainly has been. Perhaps not in the ways I thought but in loads of other ways. The 2012 name has been been in my mind and sight since 2005 when London won the bid for the Olympics. And when I moved to East London the 2012 countdown was on the big clock in Stratford for 6 whole years. Here’s a video blog I did 4 days before the Olympics were to open. I could barely contain my excitement for THE event for me in 2012, the London Olympics!

The Olympics were even more awesome than I could have ever contemplated and I was bang in the middle of the action. I even got close to performing in the opening ceremony but eventually my brother did that. I will never forget the experience and the feeling of being so close to the world’s biggest show during the Summer 🙂

I lead a pretty interesting life with a job that is people based and gets me a lot of travel. I learn so much from this and I also like travelling. This year one moment I was at a billionaire family home tutoring, another moment in rural India, or on stage singing with the band, or at an open mic might singing solo, or bass playing with a gospel choir, or organising a musicians meet-up, or salsa dancing, or out with my hockey crew, or out with the Saturday gang, or travelling to Lithuania, or tutoring in Hampshire, Worcestershire, Oxford or my most favorite county Yorkshire. Never a dull moment in Atul’s life!

So here’s the tally of my movements in 2012 as dug out from my diary.

3 days – Lithuania
7 days – Hampshire
59 days – Yorkshire
6 days – Worcestershire
1 day – Oxford
20 days – India

That’s roughly 100 days away from London, and that would explain why many friends can’t always get hold of me in London. I’d like to spend more time in London next year so I can dedicate more time to the band.

Donkey Box live at the Luna Lounge

With DonkeyBox playing a gig. An awesome awesome moment.

So to finish off I’m really happy about my achievements and cool things I got done in 2012, here’s some of them:

  • Faced my deepest fears again and again and god it has been painful
  • Got a fashion makeover
  • Composed more new songs than ever before
  • Performed in a Gospel choir concert
  • Got my first provisional driving license
  • Got tutoring jobs walking distance from where I live
  • Turned down some tutoring jobs and learnt to say no
  • Got better at being a caring yet firm tutor by setting clear boundaries
  • Wrote more blog posts than ever and started videoblogging more

Bring it ON 2013. As always it will be an amazing year and I seek to make the most of what it brings. I definitely want to start dating this year so exciting stuff coming up. Happy New Year to you!


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