What a Rollercoaster of Week It Has Been

Last week really was quite incredible for me. Some awesome awesome stuff happened. Monday started off with the band’s first ever radio show. That was such an amazing thrill. It was really tight logistically as we had to be there at 6pm to start the show at 7pm. Two of my bandmates couldn’t make that time so I really had to improvise with the soundcheck. No one seemed as excited as me either, so I had to have full faith that this will be an awesome experience, and that it sure was! We played two songs then did an interview. We ran from the live room to the interview room which was fun 🙂

DonkeyBox on Imperial College Radio

DonkeyBox on Imperial College Radio

It was such an amazing feeling talking about the band and the songs on radio. We really felt like a band. Playing the songs was also very very different from playing live. We could hear each other through headphones and it was much clearer than a live gig. I had some problems with my guitar circuit being too crackly, but I managed. It was quite a lot for me to manage as I was getting soundchecks and photos taken as well on the evening.

Tuesday night I went salsa dancing and met a few nice ladies and had a great time dancing with them in the salsa club later. Wednesday was an amazing amazing day as I found out great news. Though I am not allowed to discuss that on social media yet, which is annoying! But that one event really made my day and the rest of the week.

On Thursday I was out again and bravely took to the stage at an open mic night. I played 2 DonkeyBox songs and a Green Day cover. It was a leap of faith again because it was raining and there weren’t many people at the open mic night. But I was there with a good friend Sam, and we had an amazing blast.

So, one hell of a week. Hopefully more of those to come 🙂


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