Meditating Daily for 20 Minutes

When I was reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle back in 2009, I started to meditate and access the immense power and presence of the now moment. I used to have lunch at a nearby park during my lunch break from work in the Summer and meditate for 20 minutes. Sadly I then fell out of the habit.

But one of the cool things I started doing in 2013, call it a New Year’s resolution/improvement is that I’ve started meditating daily, almost without fail. And the more I do it the easier it gets and it is becoming a daily part of my life.

Meditation helps to refocus the mind and clear it up from the dozens of thoughts, anxieties and feelings we all have racing through our mind daily. In computer analogy it is like closing many windows down and going back to a nice clear desktop. Talking about computers and screens in general (pads and smartphones), we now live in a world where we are constantly glued to screens and are losing having a sense of real, true presence in the real world and absorbing for all it is. Screens are causing a new type of attention deficit and this is a topic for an entirely new blog post!

A sunset is an amazing way to enter and experience a natural meditative state.

A sunset is an amazing way to enter and experience a natural meditative state.

I’m fortunate enough to do a job where I go to places with amazing natural scenery and this is an automatic way of getting into a meditative and calm state.

And when do I find this 20 min time period to meditate daily? Easy, I do it while on the subway train (the tube as we Londoners call it). Yes, instead of reading junk newspapers I use this travel time to close my eyes and empty my mind of thoughts. And for some glimpses of time I’m able to clear it so much that I can feel just really calm and really alive for a few magical moments. For those moments I connect to the infinity of time that was there long before I was around and will remain long after. It’s very close to the feeling I get when I’m totally submerged in music or music making, which is another way I can enjoy the now in all it’s fullness.

I won’t say it’s easy to get into meditation as the chaotic mind is very hard to control and be made still, but gradually I’m getting better at this and I’m feeling more and more calm, centred and radiant within myself. The world needs meditation more than ever before.


2 Responses to “Meditating Daily for 20 Minutes”

  1. 1 linyangchen March 31, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    I tried that for the first time yesterday after finding a seat in the middle of a crowded carriage. It worked wonders even though it lasted only about 5 stations before I had to get off!

    • 2 Atul Rana March 31, 2013 at 5:50 pm

      That’s pretty impressive actually for trying it for the first time. The mind is very chaotic and it takes some time before it starts to silence. Keep going at it every day and you’ll get better at it. I sometimes get out of the tube really refreshed and alive after a spell of meditation. How’s that for making your tube journey productive!

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