The First Song I Ever Wrote – 10 Years Ago

I sat in the piano room with my acoustic guitar and tape recorder trying to come up with a vocal melody and idea for a song. I was really, really determined to write and launch the first song my band DonkeyBox was going to perform. We weren’t sure how the song was going to go down and were cautious in our enthusiasm for it. It was after all far easier to play songs by other bands that got great reception. We had done this for over a year, and it really was time for me to step up to the plate and deliver something new and original.

On 6 June 2003, on a hot and dark Imperial College Union venue, which was practically empty, I finally performed an original piece of music that me and the band wrote. To finally perform an original creation was a phenomenal feeling!

Our current lead guitarist Matt had sent a demo to the band which was purely instrumental. This had to be converted into a full song. I liked the guitar riff Matt had and thought hard on what this could mean as a song but nothing came to me. And one evening while trying to go to sleep late at night in my student flat, I heard some chatter from the kitchen. The chatter made me angry and bought feelings of frustration forward. The next morning I was able to write lyrics to the dark, somewhat twisted and angst filled song The Score. I had used a Guns ‘N Roses song for inspiration of course 🙂

As a band I have now performed that song for 10 years, and it remains our most powerful song, which comes right at the end of our set as grand finale, there’s no other place for it really. At the time I wrote and performed it, I could not have dreamt it would last this long and that people would connect to it in the way that they have done.

In 2005 we modified the song and we compressed it in length and sharpened its structure (video link above), but at the heart of it, the score remains The Score.


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