Celebrating My Birthday in 2013

I celebrated my birthday with some drinks this weekend and it felt awesome. I had stopped celebrating my birthday for the last 7 years and every year I was kinda…blah, I don’t really want to celebrate this.

But so much has happened to me this year and so many things have internally and externally changed in my life that I knew I had to celebrate my birthday this time. I even met someone from university at my birthday who I hadn’t seen in 14 years and we had an amazing catch up. I normally invite friends to my band gigs anyway, but we have done so many now that a gig isn’t really a social occassion for friends anymore, it is more “work/business.”

Different bunch of friends and family all joined me at the pub this weekend and it was awesome to see a bunch of friends I have gotten to know so well over the years. In the past I have kinda seen my musician friends, self development friends, uni friends from my undergrad years, uni friends from my postgrad years, old workmates etc., as separate groups of friends, but this time I just saw them all at once and bought them all together!

Loved it, and from now I will be celebrating my birthday every year 🙂


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