2013 – Year of Profound Self Change

If I was to sum up 2013, it has to be a year of self change. Self change for the better and through a painful but ultimately rewarding process. My yearly reviews of 2010, 2011 and 2012 seem now to pale in comparison to the many amazing things that happened this year.

Friends who have seen me in the last few weeks have noticed that I actually look different, I have lost weight, my body is in better shape than it has been for over 5 years and my dress and fashion sense have changed. Perhaps what is more obvious is more of a sense of self assurance and presence.

My new sharp rocky look. New sharp rocky look.

I appeared on college radio with my band this year, was filmed for international TV and appeared on channel 4 for about 2 seconds. I was running some interesting things and had press coming to me, actually actively finding me, including BBC Radio, Fox and Channel 4. On a more personal level (which I will some day mention in more detail), I had some very difficult conversations with family, and I had to re-program and re-wire some of my cultural identity and belief systems. Letting go of these ingrained beliefs has been a very painful process, but been absolutely necessary. Like last year I faced rejection again hundreds and hundreds of times in something so important to me that I didn’t know how to cope with it. But I went out there all alone and took action. The changes that came out of this have been life shifting. Yet like when most profound changes happen, you don’t see or hear a celebration as such. The changes happen gradually and you and everyone around you feels them and eventually see a total effect.

For me these are some of my main achievements of this year :

  • Started my own tutoring business, an idea I sat on for 4 years.
  • Started tutoring online via Skype, including in other countries in different time zones.
  • Moved into a bigger room after having lived in a box for 6 years.
  • Made major breakthroughs in dating, thanks to some of the coolest mentors I’ve had to help me in the right direction 🙂
  • Had a total fashion overhaul and got some stylish new clothes.
  • Sung with band on its first ever radio show on university radio. What a thrill.
  • Went rock climbing for the first time ever.
  • After 13 years I upgraded my hi fi system and boy what a treat that was.
  • I changed my gym and fitness programme drastically, thanks to a kick ass programme from my closest friend (and pro personal trainer) and ended up losing weight and getting a more toned and muscular body.
  • Quit eating the fattiest of dairy food, cheese and butter. This is after I quit coffee in late 2012. Solid self-discipline!
  • I became more of a solo performer than a band performer.
  • I began to have a stronger sense of boundaries, and I grew as a more masculine man by doing that.
  • Decided not to go to India this year despite family pressure. This was a heart wrenching decision but I stuck to my guns and will be able to go next year from a better place in my mind.
  • I wanted to celebrate my life so after 7 years of not doing it, I threw some birthday drinks. It was awesome to bring many people from my life together.


I have met some amazing, amazing people this year, and have attracted them into my life, my mentor, my mastermind dude who pushes me to my very best, business partner and new friends who I know will remain close to me forever.

Playing guitar Photoshoot shot

My social circle has literally reversed on itself in just a few months. This also shows in the fact that I did not travel anywhere outside the UK in 2013, for the first time since 2004 (when I didn’t have my passport). I am actually quite pleased at this since last year I was travelling out far too much. This year I’ve been able to work more on myself.

2013 is a culmination of the changes I started back in Summer 2011 and I feel like I’ve now got to the top of the roller coaster and some really cool stuff is coming up. I can’t even imagine what this snowball has in store for me in 2014.


5 Responses to “2013 – Year of Profound Self Change”

  1. 1 Rahul Tyagi December 31, 2013 at 11:26 am

    Nice post Atul Bhai.How do you reduce your weight. Tell me some tips.Your new look is very good, you are looking very handsome

  2. 2 Linda December 31, 2013 at 2:48 pm

    Awesome blog! Wishing you an even greater 2014! Hope we get the chance to catch up more in the new year! Much love!

  3. 3 Atul Rana January 1, 2014 at 8:52 pm

    Thanks for the comments! Linda, let’s meet more often next year. Rahul, losing weight is a massive topic. My friend Kapil guided me in this, he appears on BBC radio as fitness guru and also runs his own fitness business where you can get tons of free advice on http://www.shonavkan.com

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