A Wet Mild Winter – I Never Stopped Running

Sorry folks for the silence here, there has been a LOT going on in my life and not all of it I want to blog about hence the silence, but fear not as I am back 🙂

It has rained, rained, and then rained some more this winter, but I have to say it has been mild and a lot more bearable than previous recent winters. For the first time I have started carrying an umbrella regularly and I even lost a couple of umbrellas :-/ There have been many dull and dreary, soggy, grey days too. This winter has been a strange one and one without much sun, but despite all of that I’ve had some adventures including the photo below when I went tutoring in a tiny and pretty village with thatch houses.

Thatched houses in Hampshire/

Enjoying the winter in a small Hampshire village.

And so today was the first warm Spring day and it looks like the worst of the winter may be out of the way already. I have really enjoyed running every week this winter and in part this post is about determination against the weather and doing what you must.

There have been days when I have gone out for a run and become drenching wet with my running shoes full of water. My local running ground is almost all waterlogged and boggy so with the wind in my face, and water droplets hitting me sideways, the run became that bit more challenging as I didn’t want to slip. Day after day there was no one else running on that wet field when I was out there. I dreaded the thought of going out there when I was in my room nice and warm, but despite my own inertia I pushed myself out into nature and kept running consistently. This week it became sunny and a bit warmer, and I saw other runners there now. I was still running on my own doing my thing, and I kinda smiled to myself because I had won the battle within, the battle that we all face when we know we have to commit to our own word. I didn’t wait for a sunny day to go out for a run, I have decided I am going to stay fit and the weather will not stop me at any cost, and that it certainly didn’t. Running now with warm weather will just taste that much sweeter now 😉


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