Moving In to a New Flat – October 2014

A clean crisp white colour of paint, as I applied it in my brand new room it came to a new life. My sister was there too helping me along and making the job much faster. I could hear the traffic outside and it felt a bit surreal being into a flat away from family. It was like I was 18 all over again, and I had moved out of “home” once again. It felt like a re-birth in many ways. That first week of October was always exciting for me during my student years, straight after my birthday, a new university year would begin heralding a new start. And after 11 years this was indeed a new start all over again. Quite simply, my life entered a new phase once again and as a family me and my siblings headed out our own ways. My dad’s death was a big event in November 2005, he was a big influence in our family and to my mother. It is only now that I felt like we had finally dealt and moved on from the short term effects of his death, this short term had ended up lasting 9 years.

Regents Canal Hoxton

Regents Canal along Hoxton in Shoreditch

After moving out of the home I lived in for 7 years I was in a state of limbo for about a month living in a small flat in a cramped room full of boxes on one side and an air mattress on the other side, in which I slept on. Part of September 2014 was spent in New York, which is pretty good, but the rest of it was in this temporary state.

Moving into my new flat and shopping for extra household stuff, utensils and a bit of DIY was exciting. At first I was spending only just over half my time in the new flat in central London. I spent some time at my mother’s flat and some time at my girlfriend’s flat, and I now had three “homes”. I was still tutoring in Yorkshire and staying over there. There was a small period in which except for Yorkshire, which gave me a sense of having a constant, everything was brand new!

Old Street is vibrant and right next to the Silicon roundabout where many new digital start ups are coming up. It is a stimulating area to live in that is for sure. And while I haven’t got a hipster beard and skinny jeans (actually I do wear skinny jeans!), it does feel pretty cool to be living in Hoxton and Shoreditch. I live 5 minutes away from the beautiful canal area and go for peaceful walks there, which is an oasis of bliss, unless you are walking in the evenings and you are avoiding speeding cyclists. It has also made a huge difference to my tutoring and I can reach many students far easily from central. I have now fully got on board to living on my own again and in many ways it has been simply like taking over where I left off as a PhD student, but better.


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