Happy Diwali 2015! And staying in London

A massive happy Diwali 2015 to you from from London. For the last few years I have been going to India to celebrate Diwali. But this year I’m staying back in London. I’m sad not to be going to India because I do miss my extended family there and my cousins. The main reason for not going is that I no longer felt a family responsibility to take my mother and siblings to visit. Visiting India every year had become a ritual, in part to remember my dad and in part to try and connect to a sense of nostalgia and continuity to a previous life. But mostly it was there to support my mother who has a sense of freedom, independence and belonging when she goes back to India. As she is now able to go there on her own I don’t feel the responsibility to take her there as much as I used to. Although some of my family and cousins in India might disagree with that.

Diwali is a festival of lights, it is a festival to celebrate a new beginning and by worshipping the goddess Lakshmi it can also be about prosperity. And the last year has certainly bought all these things to me. My tutoring business is booming and I have been doing better on it than I have ever done before. In the last year I found new love, a new place to live, and have a new vigour and interest in teaching.

So here’s to the next year being even bigger and better. And next year I’ll hopefully be celebrating in India. Hope you have a great Diwali too.


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