Brexit Shambles

Goodness me, it is nearly the end of 2016 and I have not updated my blog a single time this year. 2016 started off with some celebrity deaths, David Bowie being the most notable one, and it seems to have been a dark year in many respects. The darkest event being for me, Brexit.

No one in Britain can miss the disaster that has been Brexit. I remember it clearly, it was the morning of the 24th June, I was in Copenhagen Denmark and I was with a friend at a rock festival those days. We had been out the night before at the festival, and stayed up until 3am Danish time watching BBC. My friend who worked for a bank had already been called to work at 6am local time weeks before the result was going to be out to handle the uncertainty of the result. At 3am it was already looking perilously close and I could not seriously believe what I was seeing. I went to bed and woke up at 7am, I swiped the news section of my iPhone, and I was aghast at what I saw. We had actually decided to leave the European Union. This seemed like a scene from a horror movie, but this was for real!

I honestly still can’t believe that Brexit has happened. London and Scotland were the only regions in the UK that overwhelmingly voted remain. It was an issue that divided families, cities, regions, age brackets and more. My borough in London, Hackney voted around 80% in favour of remain. I was living in a bubble.

When I got my British citizenship back in 2011, I was so incredibly happy to be able to freely travel in Europe. Before that I had to get a visa for every country I visited. But not only that, Europe had a lot of meaning to me, my first girlfriend was Spanish. I visited Denmark when I was at school, I had French room-mates in my first year, I had a Swedish bandmate, and later two Polish bandmates in DonkeyBox. Europe has been intimately linked with life for me, and to lose it like this feels like a massive loss, with a sense of emptiness I can’t put in words.

I regret that I was living in a bubble, and wish somehow I could have convinced more people to have voted remain. I barely knew 2 or 3 people who were going to vote leave anyway. I saw a tweet the next day, which to me perhaps at best explains what might have happend, it simply said “The British are bl**dy minded, and won’t be told what to do”. Well, it seems enough of us were exactly that. I am so disappointed with the 52%. The only way I can express my frustration is through one of my band songs called “Out of Power“.


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