2017 – Making Many New Connections

2017 seems to have gone ferociously fast. It seems to have barely started and now we are on its last day already. However when I think about it more, a lot of great stuff has happened this year for me. Most of it is on the professional level as a tutor. And for that I have already done a Year in Review 2017 on my tutoring blog post. As I have become much more dedicated and driven for tutoring I tend to blog there a lot more. Nonetheless this is my personal blog so I am glad to be reviving this 🙂

So like last year I am going to do my year in review in bullet points:

  • I say it every year but this year was my most successful tuition year ever! I am amazed by how far and wide I tutor now, from the islands in the Caribbean, India, Indonesia, Bermuda, US, Canada..the list could go on.
  • I have arranged a load of tutoring based communities on Facebook, in real life meetups and on group video calls. I have also been to maths teacher conferences. All in all I have met more people in education this year than ever before. I won best online tutor of the year award and got featured on two blogs.
  • I got kicked out of my flat in Old Street in the summer. It was tough at the time but this has given me the drive to save money and buy a flat on mortgage. I viewed a load of flats this summer with a view to buy and get an idea of the property market.
  • 2017 marked 20 years since I bought my first and only electric guitar. Many people say it looks barely an year old. I wrote about my beloved electric guitar and our 20 year anniversary on this post.
  • 2017 was the 30th anniversary of two of my most favourite albums. The Joshua Tree by U2 and Appetite for Destruction by Guns ‘ N Roses. In the summer I saw both bands and for G ‘N R it was a real special moment catching the (nearly) original lineup. They were truly epic and memorable gigs.
  • I performed very regularly at open mic nights in Battersea until about May this year. Loved the staff and the venue. Yet with DonkeyBox I only played one gig the entire year. Our least busy year ever. I hope to revive this next year.
  • I played at two large summer festivals as a solo performer. This was not something I had done before and it was quite a thrill.
  • Sadly I lost my uncle, my dad’s younger brother in rural India. He had a two year struggle fighting TB and my cousin’s family is in a state of mourning still. It bought home to me that in the village he lived in healthcare is still very poor.
  • I traveled to India to visit family after a really long gap of three years. It was amazing to see the progress made there in the village where my family is from and in general. I am so happy I went and reconnected with my roots again. In retrospect a 2 week trip was too short, but hopefully I can go for longer next time. I missed the weddings of two of my closest cousins.
  • There was a cracking reunion of the Tribology lab. I met with fellow researchers and colleagues from my student days from the early 2000s. It was amazing to reconnect and catch up with everyone. It made me appreciate how special that place was and all the things I learnt during my PhD both academic and life in general. I really did make the most of my time at Imperial College London.

The one thing that I have done a lot less of in the second half of 2017 is to perform music and play live. It has practically ground to a halt as I have moved further East and I am so busy with tutoring and tutoring communities. In 2018 I hope to rebalance that as at heart I am a musician who needs to create and express.

2017 has been an year of connection and a lot of things falling into place for me as a career. I have earned more this year than any year before and that gives me a lot of confidence and self assurance for the choices I have made career wise. The Western world has been tearing itself apart this year but hell, I have sure had a great time. Bring it on 2018!





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