In memory of Steven Joad the Musicknight

Hello from the other side of the bar

Is what Steven wrote while I was livestreaming my open mic night from Belushi’s in Camden, to which I replied to later “ha ha yeah hello from the other side as Adele would say”.

Steven Joad is so very well known by musicians in the London open mic night scene. Sadly a sudden stroke took him away from us all a few weeks ago. Today is his funeral and the tributes have been pouring on to his Facebook wall. Steven’s instagram account was called The Music Knight and that he well and truly was.


Steven’s quirky sense of humour will be missed.

Playing and performing music live is my drug. At first I did this with my band DonkeyBox but as that winded down over the years I went out alone and discovered the vibrant music scene in London by myself. What an amazing discovery it has been, so many creative souls, so many dreamers, so much talent out there. Amongst them are gems like Steven Joad, not a musician himself, just someone else addicted to the thrill of live music. He was there at several open mic nights throughout the week. He helped musicians set up, helped promoters put on a night and did those small things that made life so much better for musicians. He would happily take photos and videos of musicians, had a handy torch for whenever I was fumbling around looking for cables in my rucksack and would help setting up on stage so much more efficient and more relaxed.

The thing I will remember him most for however is how he saved me from an attack while I was performing live. In the hundreds of times I have played live there is only one occasion in which someone actually came up to me shouting abuse straight and up close to my face. I was bracing myself for a punch to my face. It was a strange moment and I was so much in the flow of performing that I just continued singing and playing the song. Steven flew out from nowhere, grabbed the guy straightaway and within seconds he was thrown out of the pub by pub staff. I simply kept playing until I ended the song and only at the end of the song did I realise what had really happened. I acknowledged the incident and thanked both Steven and pub staff for helping me then.

Rest in Peace Steven, themusicknight will be sorely missed by the many musicians’ lives and hearts you touched all these years.


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