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India 2011 – Arrived in Delhi

Amazing what a 9 hour flight can do, truly amazing! While the clocks were set to change and we hit winter time in the UK, a 9 hour flight to the East has got me back into Summer again 🙂 It’s about 30 C max here. Fairly pleasant, though quite a dry type of heat. It is sunny here and the colours in India are bright and vivid so it really is like a shot of tequila to the visual senses!

I arrived in Delhi last weekend and it was the inaugural Formula 1 race. There was also an entertainment double whammy with Metallica and Lady Ga Ga performing (not together, though that could be pretty cool). Not much of a get away from Western civilization!

I wasn’t planning on attending any of these events although a friend managed to find a spare Metallica ticket 🙂 However that concert got cancelled. F1 and Lady Ga Ga were a success and it’s good to see India now hosting the F1 regularly. It’s been intersting to see the local reaction to the events though. There was a lot of debate on the F1 thing, particularly on what the point of it is and how it might actually be useful to the country? A huge amount of money has been invested and the track was built in just 2 years, yet the vast majority of the poor are only slowly getting better off.

New Delhi Buradio  Gaon

The sun sets amongst the dusty haze at a suburb in New Delhi

None of my cousins and nephews knew or cared about the race. It’s still seen as one of those rich kids things. But I did explain to them that the races will bring awareness and tourism to India and a portion of the money coming in can indeed be invested back in to the people who need it most.

One of the first things I do each year is to go and visit the uncles from my mother’s family who live in the suburbs of Delhi. As I walking from one place to another along a dusty road, the sun was setting amongst the dusty haze. I stopped for a moment, absorbed this moment and took a photo with my phone camera, which is what you see here 🙂

Each year’s trip to India is different and this year I am pretty sure that will be the case too. Hopefully on this occasion I can write a bit more about the social and cultural aspects as I experience it first hand.


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